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About JennWealth Advisors, LLC

We are an independent FEE-ONLY investment firm providing financial planning and investment management services. Our mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals, preserve wealth, and build legacies. Personalized, transparent, unbiased, and expert advice in investing and financial planning.

Financial Planning 

We provide fee-only financial planning and advice to individuals and families, regardless of their net worth, income, or investable assets. Our fees are very reasonable, if not the lowest in the industry.

Financial planning is extremely personal. Due to the sensitivity of each person’s situation, we use the utmost respect and confidentially in safeguarding your information. Financial planning covers not on the financial aspects of your life but covers your own attitudes, beliefs, and comfort levels.

Investment Management 

For many people, managing their own investment portfolio is an incredibly stressful task. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the options, and can quickly fall to the bottom of the “to-do” list. We will work together to reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence in your financial future.

We offer ongoing portfolio management services based on your individual goals objectives, time horizons, and risk tolerance of each client. We then create an Investment Policy Statement which includes your current situation and a plan to aid in the selection of a portfolio that matches each client’s specific situation. We then provide continuous evaluation of your portfolio and then rebalance when needed.

Our Model: The Black-Litterman model was invented by Fischer Black and Robert Litterman. The Black-Litterman model enables investors to combine their unique views regarding the performance of various assets with CAPM market equilibrium returns in a manner that results in intuitive, diversified portfolios. More specifically, the Black-Litterman Model uses a Bayesian approach to combine the subjective views of an investor regarding the expected returns of one or more assets with the CAPM market equilibrium expected returns (the prior distribution) to form a new, mixed estimate of expected returns (the posterior distribution).

Our Approach

Our main concern is our clients! We focus on there individual wants and needs and develop a plan that works for you. Life events mold our plans and we want to help shape those plans. We take a very personal and dedicated approach. 

Our Staff

Damian Jennette, MBA

Founder & CEO

Damian Jennette began his financial career in 2009 after successfully passing his Series 7 & 63 to become a stockbroker. In 2014, he ventured on his own starting a Registered Investment Advisor firm. Mr. Jennette is also a pilot with Southwest Airlines based in Dallas, TX. Within the pilot’s union, he is an active member of the Negotiating Committee, Economic, Financial Analysis & Industry Research Committee, and an advisor to the Benefits Committee. He helped negotiate the collective bargaining agreement between the pilots and Southwest Airlines in 2016. He is currently helping re-write the upcoming “Contract 2020.” He holds an MBA from the University of West Georgia and a BS from Thomas Edison State College.

Speaking & Authorships:

Given various speaking tours about Retirement and Benefits, specifically addressing income protection insurance.

  • International Pilot Unions Conference 2018 (Disabiltiy Plans in the Airline Sector)
  • International Pilot Union Conference 2019 (Retirement Plans and Benefits in the Airline Space)

Other Achievements:

Active Arbitrator for FINRA

Former Sergeant in the US Marine Corps Reserves (1997-2005)

Eagle Scout (BSA)

Contact Information

JennWealth Advisors, LLC

1920 Coit Rd.

Suite 200-258

Richardson, TX 75080

Phone 678.485.5634

email: damian@myjennwealth.com